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Toy Biz Action Figures

I am currently living overseas for work. Regrettably, this means I can't supply as a detailed review of the toys at this time. When I get home, I'll be making a more in-depth review on these action figures

Cerca 2001, ToyBiz (now Marvel Toys) began releasing the X-men: Evolution line of Action figures. Apparently there were plans as far back as 1999 to start making toys, starting with a Professor X "Vehicle Playset" and a Wolverine "Motorcycle series." And while there IS an unreleased X-van toy for Evoltuion, and an infrared Wolverine Motercycle toy, I'm unsure if these are one and the same. Also, as Evolution didn't start airing until November 2000, it seems a bit... off. I have every confidence that toys would be part of the pitch for a show, but- yeah. Still seems odd. Anywho! Tangent! Skip ahead and back to 2001, and you have the first set of Evo toys released. Over the next few years, another 3 sets of action figures were released, as well as some cloth dress-dolls, a few "talk-back" dolls, and any number of Motercycle action figures. I'm going to be trying to discombobulate bellow.

Set 1 || Set 2 || Set 3 || Set 5 || Mutant Cycles
Talk Back Figures || Mutant Outcasts || Unreleased/Other

Set 1

Released in 2001, these five figurenes make up the first set of Evo Action Figures to be released by ToyBiz. I thought it was an appropriate sampling, seeing as how it represents most of the characters we got to see in the first episode of the show! It's also interesting to see a Toad action figure, as he's not usually one of the popular ones. Unfortuantely, I don't own any of the first set figures, so until I can get my hands on them, I suggest you check here for a more in-depth review: X-Men Evolution Series 1

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