X.M.E. T.V.

Hard Hero Maquettes

The Hard Hero web sight doesn't offer me much in the way of info on these models, so I'm not sure when they first sprang into existence, but I think it was around 2002-2004. What I do know is that they are crazy good likenesses of our favourite show. When translating cartoons into action figures, it's only too easy for the exaggerated style of cartoons to look just plain weird in three dimensions. Well not with these guys! The Hard Hero folks clearly know what they're doing, and have created a top of the line set of figurines for our purchasing and viewing pleasure. What's even better is that the models seem to actually be in scale with each other... which, if you are as a big of a geek as I am, is just plain awesome.
These figures are limited edition. There are only 2500 of each figure in existence, which is enough that they're not impossible to find, but limited enough that the price fluctuates wildly. We're talking variations from $15 to $200 (USD). It all depends where you're buying, and what figure. The best I can say is shop around before you snatch up the first one you see. Because they ARE awesome, and totally worth owning, but there's no reason you shouldn't get a deal on one if you can.
I only own three as of now- Magneto, Colossus, and Cyclops- but I'm slowly trying to acquire the entire set...

Professor Charles Xavier

Notes on Professor Xavier: Worth a buy, I think, if only for getting an model on Xavier. Let's face it. Captain Cueball here isn't exactly the most popular action figure out there. If I ever get my hands on one, I'm going to use it as a drawing resource on his wheel chair. Mmmmmmm.... And check out those creased pants! Little details like that are what totally make these action figures for me. Plus. Y'know. Everything ELSE about them.


Notes on Storm: Probably my least favourite of the set. I don't actually own one, but because I have the Evo!Storm Toy Biz Action Figure, I'm not in quite as much as a rush to get the non-posable version. I think it's probably just the photo (which was stolen from the off the nets >_>) but her lips appear a bit bright, and I'm not sure what her ankles are doing exactly. I have seen smaller photos in which she looks MUCH better though. From what I understand, she's about 10.5 inches tall, though I'm unsure if this includes the base or not.


Notes on Wolverine : Logan here is also not on my "must have" list, if only because it's SO easy to find Wolverine action figures. Even within Evo, there are a plethora of Wolvie toys. Still- there is something to be said for this one's delicious height comparison to the other figures. I mean, check out the height difference between him and Colossus. I almost wish it was even more pronounced, but that's because I'm a sucker for height differences.


Notes on Magneto: Iiiiii love Magneto. He is my favourite villain ever. I really like this maquette because not only is his helmet off, but his face isn't contorted into ultra!rage which seems to be common in Magneto toys. Plus: Check out that paint job. Is that tight, or what? Much like the creases in Chuck's pants, the amount of detail put into his uniform makes me really happy. Especially considering how little detail there IS in his uniform. It would have been really easy to just half ass this one, but they didn't. And I love it.


Notes on Juggernaut: Check out those shoulders. This guy is massive! His pose is excellent, to, with it's forward motion. Nothing stops the Juggernaut indeed! I also like how his face was sculpted. Normally when you have a figure wearing a helmet/mask, there's a bit of a disconnect with the rest of their body, but here, there doesn't seem to be. I also really like those big ol' meaty fingers. Yeah. This guy is big. Check him out in comparison to Scooter.

... I wanna put him next to Wolverine o.o


Notes on Colossus: Now this is a treat. Considering how little screen time Petey here got, I was surprised to find out there was not only a figurine for him, but two varieties of it. The standard model, and then, the one I like to refer to as the "Shiny F*#&er." More officially, he's known as the "Colossus Metallic Chrome Variant Maquette." But I like 'Shiny F*#&er.' Having never had a normal and a shiney in the same room to compare, I can't honestly say if the difference is that dazzling, but I do know... I would LOVE to have a shiny one. Because. ... SHINY o.o


Notes on Cyclops: This is nice. Showing Scott some love. It's not that he doesn't get his fair share of action figures, but generally speaking, people seem to think there are more... "exciting" X-men to immortalize. Which is maybe true, but darnit, you can't have the X-men without Cyke. I really like how this figure doesn't shy away from his lanky, skinny features. It's easy to sculpt Generic Muscle Man Body Type B over and over, but to take the time and notice "You know- Mr.Military here doesn't actually have that much muscle mass on him" is a nice attention to detail.

Capt. America

Notes on Capt. America: So long as we're talking about boy scouts, do they come any Boy-Scout-y-er than one Captain America? Ok, NOT counting Superman? Yeah, that's what I thought. Again, showing love to the characters with very little screen time, I'll be honest- Cap here isn't on my "next to buy" list. But that's through no fault of sculpting. He's still an awesome figure. I'm just more interested in getting the rest of the X-men and their enemies before I branch out into the realm of cross overs.

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