X.M.E. T.V.

Toad's Test

A little pop quiz from the Brotherhood's master of hop. So there's a whole lot of moving and shaking going on around Bayville, with that bald guy in the big house and the rest of the X-Men messing with Toad and his crew. So I'm making positive you dudes and dudetts have kept your eyes and ears glued to all the awesome action. Take Toad's Test and if you put up some points he might catch a tasty after-school snack just for you. Put on your thinking helmets- here we go!


1. Which of the following mutants briefly joined The Brotherhood?


2. In addition to his crazy-long, whip-like tongue, Toad has the ability to...?

Shoot lasers from his teeth
Leap high
Read minds
Fry bacon

3. Cyclops' brother's name is...?

Hank McCoy
Alex Masters
Steve Rogers
Nick Fury

4. Both the X-Men and The Brotherhood attend classes at...?

Bayville High
Empire State University
Bayville Academy
Tube Sock Tech

5. Which of the following mutants did Magneto NOT recruit for The Acolytes?


6. The huge, mutant-hunting robot designed by Bolivar Trask is called?

The Sentinel
The Senator

7. The hippest, most happenin' mutant with all the right moves is...?

Todd the "Tongue"
Fine, Young Mr. Tolansky
All of the above


7 Correct = Your rock and roll. Here's a bug sandwhich, side of flies.
6 Correct = You rock. Here's a half a bug sandwhich, hold the flies.
4-5 Correct = Not too shabby. Not Mystique smart but not Blob silly either.
2-3 Correct = Say what? Finally someone who's report card stinks more than Toad's!
0-1 Correct = Ack!!! Gimmie a break! Aparently your thinking helmet is missing some parts. Return it for a new one, then return here for a re-test.
At any rate fellows, it's been fun. And ladies- if you're ever passing through Bayville, look Toad up!

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