X.M.E. T.V.

The Complete Third Season


A brutal showdown between Magneto and the X-men reveals their mutant identities to the world... and public response is hostile. Xavier's School for Gifted Children is destroyed. Professor X is kidnapped. Once students learning to control their mutant abilities, the X_men must now truly become heroes to prove themselves to the human population. But the human vs. mutant confrontation isn't the only war brewing: powerful mutant Mesmero plots to revive an ancient mutant called Apocalypse to rule the Earth. Using mind control, he manipulates Rogue and forces her to help him. Realizing the threat Apocalypse poses, X-men, Magneto and the Acolytes race across the globe to save Rogue and defeat Mesmero. Seize the X-citement with all 13 episodes of this X-treme season from the hit animated series!

In Review

Cerebro's Mutant Files: The X-men- Heroes || Narrated by Professor X, this feature is presented like an insiders view of Who You Need To Know in The World of Mutants in 50 Words Or Less. I was slightly surprised when I read clicked on this feature to watch it, thinking, "They already did an X-men spotlight back on the disk Mutants Rising", but as it turns out this feature is actually to introduce you to Wolverine, Storm, (the) Beast, Angel, and The Morlocks. While I did find this special feature to be somewhat... mis-titled (Angel and the Morlocks... Noooot X-men. At least not in Evo), it was still an enjoyable feature. As with the other "Character Bios" you see in these various introductions, I think it's prudent to take the information given with a grain of salt- just because it's on the DVD doesn't make it cannon. Still- some interesting thoughts are raised, and over all, it's enjoyable. Plus- it uses the word erudite... and who doesn't love that XD

Cerebro's Mutant Files: The Acolytes- Villains || The same basic set up as the "X-men- Heroes" special feature on the same disk, this one focuses, unsurprisingly, on the Acolytes. Unlike the previous feature, though, this one is aptly name, and only covers the Acolytes. I was pleased with it's inclusion, because it seems they Acolytes often get over looked. They're like the New Recruits of the bad guys.

X-men Season 3: X-Posed || Yet another in depth look into the show's writers and creator's minds. And yet again, I am truly interested in everything they have to say. The only part which they seem to be completely out of sync is when they bring up X-23, who was introduced to the Marvel universe through X-men: Evolution in this season. Questions like "Would there be room in the schedule for her," if you ask most of the fans, is a resounding "No!" are instead discussed instead in terms of "Absolutely!" I can understand being blinded by your own infatuation to your fan-character, but I just find her atrocious. Still- that's more a critique on the character, as opposed to the feature. The feature is solid, and worth the watch, even if you end up yelling pointlessly at the screen.

Mystique's Trivia Challenge || Like Wolverine's Trivia Challenge and Toad's Test on the DVD's before this one, Mystique's Trivia Challenge is a simple, 7 question test narrated by Mystique, played out like you're being interviewed to join The Brotherhood. Again, the questions are incredibly simple, but the joke about Iceman and Canada made me smile.

Packaging || Finally! Some Decent packaging! While unfortunately, my copy had the Cover slip caught and taped under the anti-theft security tape, I doubt this is a product wide manufacturing error, and so I have got to give major props to whomever decided to finally give this series an actual, proper DVD case. A definite, complete improvement over the packaging used for the rest of the series, to date. The graphic design remains the same, hovering somewhere around... 85% good. Over all, though, my favorite packaging in the lot.

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