X.M.E. T.V.

Mystique's Revenge

Their powers are growing as is their list of enemies! Cyclops, Rogue, Jean Grey and the rest of the X-Men star is these final five episodes from the second season of the hit animated TV series.

Wanda, a mutant with formidable powers and a score to settle with Magneto joins the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood joins the X-Men to battle Magneto. And Magneto orchestrates the ultimate mutant showdown to unveil mutant supremacy to the world. But first they will all have to face The Sentinel! With growing powers come new responsibilities that force the X-Men into larger roles within their team. With their friends depending on them, the pressure's really on! Now is the time for all to prove themeselves!

In Review

Toad's Test || Much like "Wolverine's Triva Challenge" on the last disk, this quiz is rather simplestic. My main complaint with this quiz is that the dialog sounds like it was written with the idea in mind that Toad would be the one SAYING it, but they must not have been able to get Noel Fisher to do it, for whatever reason, because instead of Toad, they have 'Random Announcer Guy B' reading it. And really- the guy's got a great voice, and I give him mad props for giving such wacky dialog such fun emphasis, but in the end, I really wish it had been TOAD'S voice giving the quiz.

X-Men Evolution: Turnign Point || The last few disks have not had the Episode introductions that the first few disks did have, so it's nice to get to hear from the various X-men: Evolution creators again, and what they were thinking, story-wise, for this season. They admit that they were playing with several different story lines, and I am impressed by their vision, and their forethought to plant so many different seeds (the foresight for Mystique's agenda throughout this season? Amazing...), though I remain saddened that they could never fully flesh them all out. I of course, squeel like a little girl as the creators delve into their entire thought process behind bringing Wanda in as a story point. :3 They of course also touch on The Accolytes, and the reasons behind choseing who they did for Magneto's power-team. A killer awesome special feature.

Packaging || Flimsy, to say the least. Also, rather unsurprisingly, the language used on the box is a little laughable. But the actual design's not bad, and if it gets my my Evo DVDs, I'm not gonna complain.

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