X.M.E. T.V.

Enemies Unveiled

Xtreme teens unite for over an hour of X-Men Excitement! Four Xciting episodes from the hit animated series showcase the formidable foce of Cyclops, Rogue, Jean Grey and the rest of the X-men Super Heroes as the action ignites between unlikely alliances. With old friends, new foes and an emerging generation of teenage mutants massing awesome powers, both the X-Men and The Brotherhood recruit some new faces. Even Avalanche gives the X-men team a try!

And Wolverine's secret past brings another key Super Hero to the X-men legacy: Captain America! It's the ultimate hook-up of good guys as they rally to battle Magneto and his quest for mutant domination!

In Review

Meet the New Mutants || Made up to look like a private video log of Xaviers (narrated, in fact, by Xavier himself) this video is an all-in-one video short assessing the new mutants. I always really liked the New Recruits, and thought it was sad they didn't get more camera time. Though I felt it was sad that almost EVERYONE didn't get more camera time... Still! This a nice little nod-of-the-head to everyone's B-story favourites. Plus: it'll give you an idea on how to pronounce some of those names. Though I still take all the information in these specials with a grain of salt.

Behind the Brotherhood with Mystique || Much like how the last DVD had a mock-recruitment video for Xavier's Institute, this is a recruitment video for The Brotherhood, narrated, as one might expect by the name, by Mystique. Once again, I am plesantly surprised at the attention given by the makers of these DVDs to the Brotherhood. Especially attention that goes above the "Bad guys are Evil, and Evil Only." This recruitment video actually makes some good points ("I would never ask you to be anything than who you are") as well as gives an idea as to why the Brotherhood boys would actually attend highschool, from an in-story perspective. Definately a good special feature!

Wolverine's Trivia Challenge || Narrated by Wolverine himself, this quiz is absolutely no challenge for anyone who is concious during the show. Even though the questions rather stupidly simple, getting to listen to Wolverine's gruff voice and attitude READ such lines makes it all worth while.

Packaging || Flimsy, to say the least. Also, rather unsurprisingly, the language used on the box is a little laughable. But the actual design's not bad, and if it gets my my Evo DVDs, I'm not gonna complain.

Screen Caps

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