X.M.E. T.V.

Xplosive Days

Before they become the formidable force of the X-men, these Super Heroes are just an average bunch of teenagers... yeah right! With mutant abilities like telekinesis, teleportation and transference, even activities like a high school soccer game can become a supercharged battle of good versus evil! In this action-packed collection, Raven spots Blob at a truck rally and decides to enlist him on her evil team.

Then, Spyke faces off with Quicksilver in order to solve a string of robberies at a New York school. Finally, feeling ignored by his classmates, Kurt teleprts into an old, locked science lab where he is vaporized into another dimension.

In Review

Episode Introductions || Definitely a nice special feature! The introduction for "Mutant Crush" was especially interesting, highlighting the hopes that the creators had for Fred's charicterization. It's a shame they wern't ever really able to get into his character again, but it's really interesting knowing what they were thinking for him. The intro for "Speed and Spyke" is likewise interesting, as they have a laugh about talking about how they thought Spyke was a completely original character, but infact there was already a character with those powers. Definately worth the watch.

The Art of the X-men || One of my favourite features. It's no secret that I'm interested in character design and animation, though. For other folks who share my interest, this is a really great feature. They talk about everything from uniform design to the style of drawings to spicific charicter motion- anyone who has an interest in animation will surely enjoy this glance behind the scenes.

X-men: Evoultion Trailer || Not the most facinating sepecial feature. Well put together, but in the end, it's just an add to buy the other DVDs. Whiiiich you should really be buying ANYWAY... right?

Packaging || Flimsy, to say the least. Also, rather unsurprisingly, the language used on the box is a little laughable. But the actual design's not bad, and if it gets my my Evo DVDs, I'm not gonna complain.

Screen Caps

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