X.M.E. T.V.

UnXpected Changes

Before they become the formidable force of the X-men, these Super Heroes are just an average bunch of teenagers... yeah right! With mutant abilities like telekinesis, teleportation and transference, even activities like a high school soccer game can become a supercharged battle of good versus evil! In this action-paced collection, Cyclops has an "accident with his optical beams while trying to defend Toad at a soccer football game.

Then, Professor X and Jean take the Blackbird to Chicago to meet Kitty Pryde, a young girl with phasing abilities, arriving just in time to save her from mutant menace Avalanche. Finally, Mystique transforms into Wolverine and tries to scare Rogue out of joining the X-men.

In Review

Episode Introductions || Definitely a nice special feature! Getting the people who worked on these episodes to talk specifically about the thoughts behind each episode is a bit of a treat. It's a nice little in depth glance into each of the episodes on this disk. Very, very nice.

The Evolution of the X-men || I enjoyed this extra feature. It's well put together, and covers several topics. It addresses several of the complaints that fans of the X-men comics or XTAS, which is nice, although I unfortunately don't think anyone who had these complaints will ever be watching the special features on the disk. They explain why they brought the characters in the way they did, and the reasoning behind choosing the characters they did, among other things. It's a very nice look from a technical perspective on the choices made in the show. When watching the show you don't feel all the thought that went into this show, but watching this pecial feature, you realize exactly how much work they did to create this.

X-men: Evoultion Trailer || Not the most facinating sepecial feature. Well put together, but in the end, it's just an add to buy the other DVDs. Whiiiich you should really be buying ANYWAY... right?

Packaging || Flimsy, to say the least. Also, rather unsurprisingly, the language used on the box is a little laughable. But the actual design's not bad, and if it gets my my Evo DVDs, I'm not gonna complain.

Screen Caps

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