X.M.E. T.V.

In 2001, Burger King and Marvel combined forces to promotion featuring X-men: Evolution. With thier Big Kids Meal, you would get a figurine that came packaged with a "Secret Viewer" plastic standing base, and a CDrom. On the CDrom were X-men: Evolution games, quizes, scrensavers, video clips and of course, the comics. For me, the comics vary, both in story and art quality as well as... the feel in regards to the original show. For example, Cyclops' comic, which is about him learning to let go of control a little, and delegate to his team seems very true to character to me... whereas Magneto's, which is about the titular character terorizing a shop in a mall for carrying a brand name of jeans seems more than a bit forced. Still, the art is, for the most part, very nice. Unfortunately, the CDroms were made back in the day of 800 pixel displays, and so consequentially, you now have a choice between pixilation or readjusting your monitor display if you wish to see them in their full glory. Technology marches ever forward, eh?
Anyway- here we have collected the Burger King Big Kids Meal X-men: Evolution comics. Click on the character who's comic you want to read, and then click bellow that to start reading. Enjoy!



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